We haven’t played in a few months, and we’re a little nervous. The jitters, butterflies, they call them butterflies.

You may not know this, but we are explorers. What I mean by that is we sort of like to knock on doors. We knock on all kinds of doors, different genres, take a little peak inside, see what’s cooking.

If you picked up Battle Born, you may or not notice a little bit of a country feel… If you didn’t pick it up, you should go get it, I promise you won’t be left out.

When we made this album we had to come up with a title, and the artwork and then you gotta figure out which font is gonna be on the record. We narrowed it down to a few different fonts. We were very set on ‘Battle Born’, and so we actually had it put on t-shirts, to check how it does it looks on t-shirts y’know.

My favourite one was written in cursive, and people kept coming up to me, asking what ‘Battle Porn’ was. We ended up not using that cause we didn’t want people to get the wrong idea…

But back to the country thing… Country, country is sort of at it’s best when there’s a struggle, couple of broken hearts.. A lot of pain, a lot of pain right?

If you listen to the radio now it’s totally gone away from that… But country’s at its best when there’s a fly in the ointment, or a serpent in the garden… Country’s at its best when there’s a little piece of glass hidden in the grass. You know what I’m saying?

Country’s at it’s best when somebody’s done somebody wrong.

Somebody did me wrong! And that’s what inspired this next song…



Brandon’s intro to From Here On Out

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Flowers crown.


La Blogothéque posts ‘A film about Johnny Cash’s “Out Among The Stars” With Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty & Local Natives’.

This appears to be the episode that was mentioned last month.

'La Blogothéque' describes the episode:

A new album of Johnny Cash was released from oblivion by his son. It’s called ‘Out Among the Stars. And to celebrate this discovery, we went in the California desert ask three current artists pay tribute to the great singer. Here is Johnny Cash as seen by Brandon Flowers and Dawes, Father John Misty and Local Natives.

The video clocks in at sixteen minutes.  I will update this post as I watch the video.


  • Brandon discusses how his father’s love of Johnny Cash and Country Western music has influenced him.
  • Brandon performs ‘I Came To Believe’.
  • Father John Misty performs ‘Baby Ride Easy’.
  • Local Natives perform ‘Out Among The Stars’.

You can download Brandon’s cover of ‘I Came To Believe’ via Send Space, here.

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Johnny Cash - Out Among the Stars (With Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty & Local Natives)




I Came To Believe performed by Brandon Flowers and Dawes

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I’m done with the internet.

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